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Nigezie Xtreme is the next level in music and lifestyle programming and also an effective youth engagement mechanism. It is designed to bring to viewers all the elements of new age technology and trends that drive the modern urban contemporary youth.


Orisun – The Source, is a specially designed ethnic channel that X-rays the culture, traditions and lifestyle of the Yoruba race as it also educates, informs, enlightens and entertains.


Isi Mbido – The Beginning, is a niche channel designed to fully explore the depths of culture and traditions of Ndi Igbo. Their history, lineage, religious inclinations, business prowess, and so many other factors that make them unique in their own way.


Area TEN showcases the cultures and traditions, x-rays the lifestyles, identifies with the deepest desires and celebrates both the little and big achievements of over 90 percent of the Nigeria’s population, who speak the home grown Pidgin English language.

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